SJR Church Pre-school

Staff TeamOur Pre-school group meets at the Church Hall during term time,
tel 01923 251825 on session days.

When: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

9.00/30am-12.00 & 12.30-3.00pm.

Spring & Summer term also

Mon 12.30-3.00pm.

For current children, click newsletter for latest information, dates etc. See also photos.

Generally childrenlibrary book corner will be offered a place to start the term they are due to turn 3yo. Those born May-Aug 2012 will be offered Summer 2015 starts.

For all applications register online.
Our places are allocated in advance from this pre-registered list. We serve the local West Watford/WD18 postcode area, mostly WD18 0/6/7 areas.

Fees are £10 for morning sessions and £8 for afternoon sessions, for those not on funding. Fees have been held for 2014/15.

Having trialled a different admissions arrangments during 2013-4 linked to school changes, we are reverting to three intakes starting in September 2014; so we will offer places from out pre-registered lists.
We are oversubscribed - so being rcreative messy areaegistered doesn't mean a place will be offered. We will email or write to those we offer places during the half term before they can start - so please advise us if you change your contact details, move or to remove if needs change.

We have offered a limited number of Nursery 15 hours places for those aged 3yo by 31 Aug who would be eligible for Nursery but not offered or not wanting to take a place - these places will be filled this year by existing registered children.

(See our local children's centre at Westfield for more information and help - and list of other local providers).

Children may move on to School Nursery class in Sept the school year they will turn 4yo, depending on school admission criteria (you have to use Herts County Council website Nursery Admissions process - note HCC do not guarantee a Nursery space). To have your Nursery time at Pre-school, please apply directly to us even if you are already at Pre-school and/or if applying to school nurseries.
We are registered with Ofsted, the Pre-school Learning Alliance and for 2/3/4 yo and Nursery funding with Herts County Council. We follow the EYFS (early years foundation stage - which covers all providers 0-5 years (ie Childminders, Pre-schools, Private Day Care, School Nurseries and Reception classes). Check your eligibility for funding & apply online. You will need your child's NHS number, Parent's National Insurance number and child's ethnicity.
We may be able to take Nursery Vouchers - talk to us about any you may be able to use from your workplace.
We operate under a range of
policies and precedures to ensure a safe, healthy and caring learning environment.

Our Group Leader is Mrs Liz Wright.

Management Team: Church Charity Trustee Graham Hall (Chair), Clive Ellis, Ruth Roberts, Linda Hall, Liz Wright (employed Group Leader).

We operate on a not-for-profit basis as part of the Church Charity.

Please refer to the Toddlers page for more information on our provision for those younger than Pre-school age.

See Sunday & Messy Church for families.