We are holding regular weekly services in either the Church Hall or the Church building. If you are interested in joining us, please just turn up for a warm welcome or get in touch.


1st Sunday of month
10am in Church

Celebration Service with Communioncelebration
(Visiting Speakers)

5th June
3rd July


 Alasdair Nichols - Luke 4 "Why Jesus Came"
 Alasdair Nichols - Matt 28:16-20 "Get Going"

2nd Sunday of month
10am in Church Hall

Jimmy's CafeJimmy's Café is for everyone. We have free tea and coffee and cakes for you to help yourself to and we would love to see you join us.

12th June
10th July


Living with Disappointments & Despair
Living with ...

3rd Sunday of month
10am in Church Hall


Breakfast ChurchBreakfast Church with Alpha is for everyone. We have free food and drink for breakfast.

 19th June
17th July


4. How can I have Faith?
5. How do I pray?

4th Sunday of month
10am in Church Hall


Prayer & Praise praise

 26th June
24th July


Shaylah Waugh "Bridges"
Ruth Roberts

5th Sunday of month
10am in Church Hall


film clubFilm Sunday is a relaxed opportunity to watch a film and discuss topics arising in small groups.

 31 July


Mauren Hider

8pm in Church Hall


Craft Group fortnightly

10am in Church Hall


Toddler Group during School Term time.
Restricted to WD18 0.. postcode


Please click here for the on-line calendar of building usage.